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Vampire | Born in the early 1910's | Controls your dreams | A sensual lover |
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I might come back as an other student.
Who knows.
I couldn’t stay as Jeongmin anymore.

Dongwoo: I’m sorry for hurting you. I hope that you can forgive me once. I love you. I really do.

Jieun: Thank you so much for trying to make me feel better. You’re so precious.

Luhan: You’re face is too pretty. Be happy!

Minwoo: ..Stupid demon. He better takes care of you or I’ll come back and hunt him down, ripping his heart out.

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It was something the century old vampire wanted to do since a long time back. When he was a human, he spent almost every hour of his life in the sun. In the warmth. He loved it.

It ended when he turned into a vampire, a killing monster. A monster that would burn as soon as the sun touched his skin in its silky way. He wouldn’t be able to go out in the sun again. Never again. It was taken away from him, the thing that was one of his most favourite things.

Now, it was almost morning. He could already feel the tickling feeling on his skin. It made him smile a little. In his heartbroken state, it was a good feeling. No, he was more than just a heartbreak. It broke his everything. He was nothing anymore. He wasn’t needed, wasn’t loved. He was stupid to think that he’d find happiness in this goddamn academy.

"I love you.." He whispered with a little smile on his lips, staring over the lines of the forest. He stepped out of the shadows and waited.

The sound of his laugh.
His smile.
The way he moaned.
His tanned body pressed against his white one.
The lie, telling him he loved him.
‘No promises’.
His warmth.
The goddamn warmth.

The sun was up.

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Alright, I’m going.
I can feel the love, it warms my heart.
I didn’t know it was forbidden, wanting to meet someone.
I’ll be in msn if anyone cares, doubt it, but oh well just to inform.

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You’d like it here, omg.
I can actually stay here until August, if I want to. We should… up =u=

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Ahh, well ;~;
And it depends on when you’re flying too..I’m sure that in June-July it’s more expensive because of the vacation and stuff.
In august, early-september it’s cheaper!

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We’ll add you to the list of active KPOP roleplayers! Yay!

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I asked my mom, and it depends on where you’re flying from. She said that it could change from 20-100 euros.

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Not that expensive haha. And you’re here in an hour or so.

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If you ended up hurting me more, I could only blame myself for not being able to leave you.

I could wait for you.

It will break you and me, and even our friendship would suffer.

-sighs- We’ll see when you come back.

Minwoo..-takes your hand and looks at it with a sad smile- I want to be your boyfriend. For me, it’s worth anything. know that you belong to me. That’s the only thing I want. Because I love you and you do love me. Things are damn complicated now, but..I could, we could make it work.

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Hey, Minwoo did you see my reply?